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Microsoft Dynamics: Fantastic 3D SVC application for LOB

May 4, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics demoed a great SVC (Situational Visualization and Control) application using WPF 3d @ the Mix07 conference earlier this week.  Check out the video.  Darren is from the Microsoft Dynamics team.  Josh and Nathan are from Identity Mine.  This is a great example of understanding your customer scenario and building a great solution.

A) I especially like "Step 3: define the requirements" slide:

  • Create a one-stop show for all the data I need to know
  • Show me the relationships that exist between the data
  • Build a visual bridge from ERP data to understandable view
  • Only show me the subset of data that affects my situation
  • Allow me to take action from with the visualization that I can understand

Seems like a great way to communicate goals for a SVC app.

B) Seems like Dynamics is a Winforms app…so this is an example of using WindowsFormsIntegration.dll’s ElementHost to add great value to a WPF application.

C) Nathan talks a bunch about visualization of different data states and the challenges/techniques there.

D) Josh talks about how they derived the control from ItemsControl and made a template that had a Viewport3D. 

E) Sounds like they are shipping this as part of the next version of Dynamics NAB.  Cool.

F) Near the end, they have a cool customer feedback set of buttons.  Nice.  You could even consider using InkCanvas (like in my Mix07 session) to let people point to what they want to talk about.

G) Nice video indexing of customer feedback.

H) Summary slide: "WPF is damn cool and it transforms biz apps" Change the way people visualize, interact, understand, and think.  "Products look better, are more understandable, more productive, and frankly just more fun to use.

I) Interesting question about how to show fake data (trigger off of designmode property…)

(My list of other Mix07 WPF based sessions is here:

XBD05 – Booyah! Designing and Developing Line-of-Business Applications That SIZZLE

Presenters: Darren Laybourn, Josh Wagoner, Nathan Dunlap

In this session we explore how amping design and taking advantage of data visualization techniques and 3D can make a major impact on usability and ultimately acceptance of line-of-business applications. We follow the Dynamics team’s design and development of a next-generation manufacturing production planning tool from vision to eye-popping, jaw-dropping realization in Windows Presentation Foundation. A 3D application that’s productive without being gratuitous. Cool!


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