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May 11, 2007

So Gooey: Can You See The Button looks at JavaFX, Silverlight/Xaml, REBOL/View and Tcl/Tk.

This is their Silverlight/Xaml example.

    <Button Click="Clicked">Press Me</Button>
        void Clicked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { button1.Content = "You pressed me"; }


  • Xaml is XML, so it has the namespaces.
  • We have 2 namespaces because Silverlight elements are in one, the Xaml Language has the "x:" concepts.
  • For inline code, you need CDATA inside of XML.  (only if you have characters that confuse xml parsers)
  • Currently, you need x:Class if you want any event handlers.

Part of this is XML vs. code…

Having a bunch of tools that know how to parse the format, etc…

Perhaps somebody should look at drawing a smiley face with Shapes in the 4 formats?


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