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Lazycoder: Why use Xaml?

May 11, 2007

Lazycoder asks Why use Xaml?  We designed it with the following goals in mind: Our 7 Goals for Xaml

Already some interesting comments on Lazycoder’s post…


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  1. Richard permalink

    One of those reasons is: Take Advantage of Strong-TypingIs that still a reason, or is there something wrong with Silverlight natively supporting 4 weakly typed languages via the DLR?

  2. Rob permalink

    The strong typing is really a discussion of the WPF object model, not the programming language you choose to use along with Xam.
    WPF has a strong object model where:
    1) content of elements is general very rigid (Panels hold UIElements, LinearGradientBrushes hold GradientStops.)  It generally will be a compile time or at least runtime error if you violate this.  If something won\’t work, we\’ll tell you, instead of failing silently.
    2) object model exposed on elements should always work.  Contrast that with the ~200 css properties on HTML elements, which sometimes work, sometimes don\’t.
    3) attribute values have "minilanguages" which are either ok, or not.  We won\’t ignore problems.  (unfortunately we don\’t catch enough of these problems in compile time yet…)
    That is my quick brain dump on the topic.  Thanks for asking…

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