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Warning: Don’t use speech recognition to code

May 24, 2007

Trying to use Vista’s speech recognition to write a Perl script – humorous video shows Vista’s speech recognition is definitely not tuned for programming! 🙂


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  1. Kevin permalink

    Of course, you could get much better results by writing a specific voice-oriented code editor and defining a grammar for each programming language you wanted to support (it strikes me that VB would be pretty easy because of its verbose nature, but even C# wouldn\’t be too bad if you defined some special commands such as "begin block" and "end block" and so on…it\’s been about 8 years since I last used Perl, so I don\’t remember it well enough to say anything remotely sensible on that subject).
    I\’m now torn between the intellectual challenge (and learning opportunity, since I haven\’t done anything with speech recognition on Vista yet) of trying this, and the utter pointlessness of writing a tool I would never, ever be tempted to use 🙂

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