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Software should improve by fixing crash reports from users

May 29, 2007

Guideline: Software should use a feedback loop to fix problems that customers are running into.

If you make Windows software (including a WPF application or xbap), you can get crash reports that consumers submit through Windows.  Seems like the requirements are that you have a VeriSign ID (also called a Software Publisher’s Digital ID for Authenticode).

The site has the following details:

Windows Error Reporting (WER) and Crash Data
WER is a set of technologies built into Microsoft Windows XP and the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system that captures product crash data and makes it possible for end-users to report the information. Software and hardware vendors can then analyze and respond to these problems. With WER and Microsoft Windows Update, you can identify problems and provide solutions.

For searchability: Watson Crash Dump

Good Reading for Microsoft Employees:
While searching for how to do this, I ran across this rant about how different software companies care for developers.


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