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Live Writer: Beta2 Available

May 31, 2007

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy blogging via Live Writer.  I had been using an internal version for a while (I wanted SharePoint support for an internal blog), but I just upgraded to the newly released Live Writer Beta2.

If you blog, I strongly recommend giving it a try.

I wrote my feedback about Live Writer back in August 2006.

How is Beta2?
Below, I’ve repeated the problems I had back then along with the resolution status:
  • Code Samples: I’d like to see better preservation of code sample formatting when pasted in.  They look beautiful in VS, but come into live writer unindented and they have lost their colorization. Update: I even tried CopyAsHtml (an addin for VS) but that didn’t improve things.

Resolved: I use the "Paste from Visual Studio" Plugin…very nice.


  • Linking: Creating a link to a previous post should be much easier.  Is "Insert Link" the best that it can do?   I want to grab a url by looking at a list of my previous posts in rich ways, finding the one I want via sorting, searching, etc… and then right clicking and saying grab link.  The link should have the blog title in a functional hyperlink.

Better: I now see that Insert Hyperlink has a Link To button that allows you to pick previous posts.  Unfortunately, it grabs the URL, but not the title of the post for the hyperlink.


  • Properties/Link: No clue what the View/Properties: Link text box does.  For a second, I thought it was a way to give your blog a URL…I would have loved that! [Added 8/29/2006]

Not Resolved (when does Properties become enabled?)


  • Post Cache is a problem – If I originally posted with Live Writer, but then modify with the web interface, I try to open it later via File/Open Post, but it seems to use the original post I had.  I would think that the software would even detect when I open a recent post that it was the latest content for the site.

Resolved: I haven’t tested it, but this is one of the features called out in beta2: "Automatic synchronization of local and online edits"


  • Font control – I want font control – mostly for Consolas for code samples…

Not Resolved


  • Preview in web site – it goes to my main page for previews…which doesn’t work well if I am editing a piece that is no longer on my front page.  I’d much prefer if the preview window navigated to the permalink of the post that I just published.

 Not Resolved


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