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WCF 3.5 to support REST

May 31, 2007

The new WCF Web Programming Model supports REST Design

UriTemplates look interesting…several good links inside that article…

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  1. Joe Wood permalink

    So Rob, are we also expecting WPF 1.5 in Orcas? If not the version numbers start to get confusing. .NET 3.5 with C# 3 and VB 9 and WCF 1.5. Time to bring back the year suffix maybe.

  2. Rob permalink

    The version of the .Net Framework that we ship with Orcas is referred to as 3.5.  I believe that will be externally as well…
    Yes, we have v3.5 of WPF coming in that timeframe…Beta1 of Orcas doesn\’t have any of that work yet…Beta2 or perhaps the next CTP will….

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