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Julie Lerman: Hacking ClickOnce

June 1, 2007

Using clickonce, this article will likely teach you some things you’ll be happy to know…

Julie’s "DevTeach Hacking ClickOnce PPT and Demos" points towards a few interesting things:

1) a CoDe Magazine article she wrote called "Real World ClickOnce"

2) slides and demo code from her DevTeach version of the talk (from

Hacking Click Once
ClickOnce is very secure – so secure that there are some very practical things are unsupported. This session will show you how to accomplish tasks such as deploying ClickOnce using Forms Authentication, have your own application icon associated with your application and get it onto the desktop, include assemblies in your deployment that are not compiled with your application and how to ease the pain of getting your deployments to a remote server. Many of these tasks come with caveats, due to their unsupported nature, so the session will also discuss why the features are not supported by Microsoft and what the risks are of performing the hacks.
PowerPoint: Lerman Hacking ClickOnce.ppt
Zip (Demo Code):

DevTeach (May 14-18)
Montreal QC


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