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The WPF/Xaml Development Continuum

June 1, 2007

Learn .Net/WPF/Xaml development skills and tools and you’ll be able to build:

Available Now

  • Great Desktop Apps on Windows XP or later: Standalone apps for Windows XP or later which are easily deployed and kept up to date via clickonce. (.application)
  • Great Browser Apps on Windows XP or later: Xaml Browser Applications (Browser hosted apps) for XP or later (.xbap) (IE6 or later on XP or later for .Net 3.0, support for Firefox on XP or later coming in .Net 3.5)
  • Great Media Center Apps: Media Center apps for Windows Vista. (.xbap)


  • Inside Popular Browsers on Windows or Mac
    • Silverlight 1.0 Apps (a powerful subset of WPF’s Xaml Vocabulary that provides great media, vector graphics, and animation support in a cross-browser, cross-platform plugin.)
    • Silverlight 1.1 Apps (adds fast-to-install version of .Net runtime to Silverlight 1.0 with several nifty additions)
  • Microsoft Surface: Apps for Microsoft Surface


Links to Get You Started

The following simple Wpf Urls to get you going are posted on

WPF Apps takes you right to the Channel 9 wiki that lists WPF apps that you can download and use today.


WPF Blogs takes you right to Tim Sneath’s list of WPF related blogs


WPF Books has links to several books which can get you started.


WPF Docs takes you right to the MSDN content for WPF


WPF Forum takes you right to the MSDN forums for WPF…join the active WPF developer community discussion about WPF development.


WPF Wiki takes you right to the WPF Wiki on Channel9


My Blog takes you to my blog…currently living @


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