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Web comments about Lap Around WPF at TechEd

June 5, 2007

Some web comments about my TechEd talk on Monday:

creativeUI – Tech Ed: WPF is really, really cool.

So here I am soakin’ up the WPF goodness here at TechEd…

Cave Markings – Tech Ed 2007 Day 1

Next I attended a session titled "A Lap Around Windows Presentation Foundation."  I’ve seen a few WPF overviews, but it is still a foreign technology to me.  I was fairly bored until the presenter demonstrated this.  I work on logistics applications, and this animation was the first example I’ve seen where WPF could add dramatically to our applications.  I left the session early to IM my coworkers about this cool discovery.  I’ll try some of the WPF Hands On Labs before I leave, so I can understand better how to produce such exciting data visualizations.

[He was talking about the Zurich Aiport app…yes, a very cool SVC application built as a WPF xbap.]


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