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Josh Smith: Filtering items in a listbox, and a comment about Ian Griffith’s flippable 3d list

June 13, 2007
  • More great code examples to use in your project from Josh.  This one will be used by me in XamlT‘s search box in the top right. Searching for Items in a ListBox shows how to filter a list of items that contain an instance of the text you have typed in.
  • Josh also points to Ian Griffith’s Flippable 3D List: I love the effect and the capability of flipping the items.  This leads to a bunch of possibilities and questions:
    • However, it felt odd to me that when you go from the back to the front it wasn’t just a reverse of the first animation.  That would give it the sense that you are returning to the initial state. (my wife, an end-user agreed the UI was cool, but didn’t agree with me on this critique).
    • It would also be interesting to see how this should work in a scenario with Selection enabled (perhaps in a ListBox)…how would you put keyboard accessibility into this model, how would you hint there is more data to be explored.
    • Although it wouldn’t work only in loose XAML, It might be more efficient to build a special panel that can generate the Viewport3D on the fly when needed, instead of creating one per item.

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  1. Josh permalink

    Thanks for putting the spotlight on my blog. 😀  I\’m glad someone has already found a use for the ListBox search code I posted!  BTW – your XamlT is quite cool.  I really like the navigation model, but find that sometimes the "Back" button does not work (it leaves me with the same content as before clicking it).
    Thanks again,
    Josh Smith

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the code…happy to point it out!
    About XamlT…glad you like.  I\’ve added the back issue onto
    (i should have a more formal feedback mechanism…added that too.)
    Thanks, Rob

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