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Reply about VB developers using WPF

June 13, 2007

I had posted about VB developers using WPF recently.

Somebody sent a message to my blog with:

I am starting to dip into WPF.  Needless to say, things are quite different but I can really see its value.  I have already been through a number of tutorials and videos.  I am currently wrapping up Adam Nathan’s book and starting on Chris Anderson’s.  Both books and almost all of the samples I have seen have been in C#.  I hope authors in the future decide to provide examples in both languages.  I think that will help a lot with WPF adoption in the VB.Net community. 

[RR: I’ll pass that feedback along.]

Does your team have any plans to release a business application sample?  Something that includes a simple grid, update forms, docking, menus, toolbar, etc.?  With no MDI, I am really curious how simple business layout tasks can be accomplished in WPF.

[RR: Check out the outlook 2007 sample built with WPF for pieces of that…otherwise, I’ll pass that feedback along…]

Also, will the final releases of Blend and Orcas contain additional controls (datagridview, calendar, domainupdown, mask, etc.)? 

[RR: Blend started shipping in May.  They didn’t include any new controls.  VS 2008 ("Orcas") will ship some new features in .Net 3.5…some of which may be usable for WPF applications.  I can’t disclose right now how many controls we’ll be shipping in that timeframe…sorry.  Please keep the feedback coming about what you’d like to see!]


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