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Blogging: analyzing traffic patterns and origins on your blog…and adapting

June 14, 2007

An interesting thing to do when you blog is look to see how people find information that you’ve published.  When you see links from other blogs, I go see what comments they may have had. When the link is from a search engine (google, yahoo, live, etc…), it is interesting to see in the querystring of the URL the search terms.

For eaxmple, today I see somebody viewed What tools generate .g.cs from XAML? Can it be done at runtime? after having searched for “compile XAML to cs” with:

I realize that post isn’t the best answer for somebody searching for that information, so sometimes I’ll do a new post with a better named title that more concretely answers that question.

To help make this info easier to find, I just created a new post: Compile Xaml to C# (.cs)


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