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Compile Xaml to C# (.cs)

June 14, 2007

I recently published XamlT @ which is a tool that has several useful functions for xaml users.

1) You can view information about the Types expressible in different Xaml Vocabularies (WPF, SL 1.0, SL 1.1, etc..)

2) You can also convert Xaml files into C#

A little background on Xaml & C#

[you can replace the words C# or .cs below with VB and it is all still true]

In WPF, we compile Xaml into a combination of C# (.g.cs) and a special binary form (.baml).  So at runtime, in most cases, there doesn’t need to be any Xml parsing happening – baml is an optimized, pre-tokenized version of the elements that were specified in the .xaml file.

Once a window/page is displayed in WPF, often people programmatically change the state of the tree or add new subtrees to the tree.  If people know how to do something in Xaml, it isn’t always simple to know the code to do the same thing.

That is why I built the Xaml -> C# tool into XamlT.

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  1. Rob permalink

    Alan Cobb said:

    Hi Rob,Nice tool.  I really like the ability to go from XAML to C#.My gripes:The choice of colors (bright yellow and bright red on complete black) is quite "non-standard" and bugging the heck out of me.  Any way that can be made setable?  There are other things about the UI that I\’d like to tweak/improve.Is it possible you could give us the source?  That\’s one of the things I love about Snoop and Petzold\’s XamlCruncher, both give you the source.  If you can\’t give us all the source, then could you hide the deep secrets in a central module that you don\’t release and give us the source to the UI?  For example, release a UI-less assembly that did the XAML to C# transformation, so we can put our own UIs on top of it?  This type of hardcore tool-app cries out for being open-sourced.Thanks,Alan Cobb (
    But later wanted me to delete his email address from the comment…so I post the comment here without his email address.

  2. Unknown permalink

    More change requests:
    For the XAML to C# system:
    It would be nice if the split between the XAML and C# "panes" were a GridSplitter, in the same spirit as XamlPad or XamlCruncher.  I\’m always trying to make one of the two panes bigger than its current fixed size.
    Instead of the FlowDocumentPageViewer for the C# pane I would prefer a simple scrollable TextBox.  I realize it\’s supposed to be a "feature", but the problem is that the FlowDocumentPageViewer has its own rigid ideas about where the start and end of the pages should be.  With a simple scrolling TextBox I have more freedom to look at precisely the lines I\’m interested in.
    Re: "Open Source": If source was available you wouldn\’t need to find time to do these kinds of changes yourself.
    Again Rob, you\’ve created a very useful tool.  That\’s why I\’m using it and finding things to complain about :).
    Thanks,Alan Cobb

  3. Brian permalink

    Thanks for sharing this great tool–I\’m surprised that it is seemingly the only one like it available. 
    However–does this tool not support data templates and dependency properties? It seems to give "object reference not set to…" for all but the more basic scenarios.

  4. Rob permalink

    Glad you enjoy.
    I\’ll add DataTemplates to the list of ToDos.
    What is your DP scenario?  (show me the Xaml)!
    Thx, Rob 

  5. Brian permalink

    Here is a portion of my xaml below–I guess a suitable benchmark might be that whatever compiles in Expression blend should check out in the conversion tool. That was my original expectation but it is a valuable tool in any case.
    <Window xmlns="" xmlns:x="" x:Class="UntitledProject10.Window1" x:Name="Window" Title="Window1" Width="640&quot; Height="480">
     <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">  <ListBox> <ListBox.Resources>
      <DataTemplate x:Key="editableLanguage">   <StackPanel Margin="24,4,0,3" Orientation="Horizontal">    <TextBlock Height="18" VerticalAlignment="Center" FontWeight="Bold" Text="Binding Path=Text"  />    <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text=" "  />    <ComboBox Margin="0" Padding="4,0,4,0"       Name="cmbFluencies"      Height="14" VerticalAlignment="Top" >    </ComboBox>    <Separator Width="15" Height="0"></Separator>   </StackPanel>  </DataTemplate>
      <DataTemplate x:Key="nonEditableLanguage">   <StackPanel Margin="24,4,0,3" Orientation="Horizontal">    <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Height="18" FontWeight="Bold" Text="Binding Path=Text"/>    <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Height="18" Text=" ("  />    <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Height="18" Text="Binding Path=Fluency"  />    <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Height="18" Text=")"  />   </StackPanel>  </DataTemplate>
      <Style TargetType="ListBoxItem" x:Key="lbiStyle">   <Setter Property="Margin" Value="0" />   <Setter Property="Padding" Value="0" />   <Setter Property="Template">    <Setter.Value>     <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type ListBoxItem}">      <Grid>       <ContentPresenter Margin="0" Panel.ZIndex="1" />       <Canvas Margin="0" x:Name="bound" Panel.ZIndex="0"></Canvas>      </Grid>      <ControlTemplate.Triggers>       <MultiTrigger>        <MultiTrigger.Conditions>         <Condition Property="ListBoxItem.Name" Value="" />         <Condition Property="IsMouseOver" Value="true" />        </MultiTrigger.Conditions>        <Setter Property="ContentTemplate" Value="{StaticResource editableLanguage}" />        <Setter Property = "Background" Value="AliceBlue"   TargetName="bound"/>       </MultiTrigger>      </ControlTemplate.Triggers>     </ControlTemplate>    </Setter.Value>   </Setter>  </Style> </ListBox.Resources></ListBox>

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  11. This tool was released in 2010, and has full support for compiling XAML into C#. Its a plugin for Visual Studio 2010.

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