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Garrett Serack: New Lead of Open Source @ Microsoft

June 15, 2007

Garrett and I had an interesting conversation about WPF, Xaml, OPC, and more when we sat down for a little while at Teched in Orlando.  He just announced on his blog his new role in the Open Source Software Labs.

Funny how Microsoft people sometimes get to talk more to each other and meet more of each other at an event like TechEd, than we generally do on campus…

How do you think the WPF/Xaml teams should be working to encourage people to build open source projects in WPF…or perhaps tools to help WPF/Silverlight/Xaml developers & designers???


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  1. William permalink

    Standardize the libraries, as you did with the BCL.  This allows Mono and other folks to implement the libraries on other platforms.  Not quite as good as Microsoft creating an implementation on all platforms, but a heck of a lot easier for you.  And this is an important thing for Open Source in particular, and for the future of distributed applications in general.

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