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/wpf/TricksFromKevin – got it yet?

June 21, 2007

A developer new to WPF mentions his start with WPF in WPF Goodness.

He tripped on’s post about why only 1,000 developers have downloaded Kevin’s Bag-O-Tricks?  Shouldn’t everybody get it?

Kevin has published 4 different versions of the Bag-O-Tricks…and users have to dig to find them…all together it has ~10,000 downloads.  (see below)

Anyway, I often want to point people towards it, but I have a hard time remembering where it was…so I created the other day.  I’ll keep that pointed at Kevin’s latest goodness!


The following links are a copy/paste from:

Kevin’s Bag-O-Tricks – January 2007

One new thing. One fixed thing. Details on my blog…

11 Jan 2007

File Size 2.5MB

Kevin’s Bag-O-Tricks – MIX07 Edition

Description to come…have fun! Check out my blog …

2 May 2007

File Size 2.2MB

Kevin’s Bag-O-Tricks – RC1

Update 1: New version 2006-11-09 Update 2: New ver…

20 Sep 2006

File Size 2.1MB

Kevin’s Bag-O-Tricks – RTM

Update 1: New version 2007-01-11 Yeah! That’s righ…

10 Nov 2006

File Size 2.1MB


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