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WPF/Xaml web news – 2007/06/22

June 22, 2007
  • Walt Rischer (WPF Wonderland) explores CoDe Magazines WPF based reader: Xiine.
  • Daniel Chait ( discusses several WPF based trading applications that they and other companies showed off at SIFMA 2007.
  • MDavey wonders why Microsoft didn’t include any WPF front end to the .Net StockTrader application from Microsoft. Good question!
  • WPF DataPanelBase: Rockford Lhotka discusses whether several classes he exposes in CSLA.Net should subclass from Panel or Decorator.  This sounds like many debates we had over the years with WPF.  We generally ended up with an explicit model…most things that added a bit of functionality (ScrollViewer, Border, Expander, etc…) were decorators or content controls and you needed to choose an explicit panel inside of them based on your layout needs.  Page/Window only have one child, generally a panel.
  • Grant Hinkson wrote an Image to vector converter…sounds like it is just doing one pixel at a time.  I imagine it could try to discover lines, etc…
  • Jordan of the WPF3D team posted that the WPF Feature Montage demo has four new 3D Transitions.
  • Amok ( links to an MSDN article by Fulvio Giaccari on building an Outlook Add-in using WPF.
  • Colby Cavin does a series of posts that builds Scribble using WPF.  First post is WPF Scribble 0.
  • Jerry Brunning of Clarity Consulting posts a WPF Dartboard scoring application [via Dave Bost]
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