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Aaron Cornelius: PackUri’s in WPF

June 25, 2007

If you do much with WPF, at some point you’ll be forced to use the pack syntax.

A bit of history:  The pack syntax was created by an evil-alien empire bent on mental destruction of application developers on the planet Earth.

The pack syntax is rooted in…

  • I linked to that post from the MSDN content he pointed to. (Does having links from MSDN to good posts help people?  I know I like it when people add great content about topics…the trick we have to find is how to interconnect all this info…)
  • Make sure you check out the rest of Aaron’s posts as well, great consistent posting.

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One Comment
  1. Kevin permalink

    Thanks for this, that\’s one of the more confusing issues in WPF when you\’re getting started (I think it\’s the syntax with the commas and so forth…my initial reaction was "wha???").
    External links from MSDN are a good idea, but only if they\’re checked regularly (since dead links are frustrating and lower confidence in the content as a whole).
    As I was writing that my mind wandered off on a little tangent about the possibility of someone creating a dynamic, virtualised link system for the web with updates published as a subscription or something, before I decided it was Just A Beautiful Dream (much like Catherine Zeta-Jones). Shame though.

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