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Michael Brown/Edgenet: Edgenet Vision – a 3D virtual room designer XBAP

July 10, 2007

Michael Brown announced his colleagues’ project called Edgenet Vision (run the XBAP).

Things I like:

  • I love the idea of being able to view/interact with a room design like this.  Recently my wife and I did this for a kitchen design at a store with a designer…lots of room to innovate in this space and several markets for this kind of software, I would think.
  • The initial download experience is very good…seems like they made a small exe and then use optional download groups to download the rest of the application.  They have an initial loading progress animation.
  • I like the application help hints (that appear and disappear automatically) which help the user learn about the app.  They also aren’t modal… i was able to click on "top down"/"one-wall"/"3d" views while those tips were up.
  • I can email a photo of the view to somebody…(although it didn’t come through to me…)  I like that.  They should think about how the user not only gets a picture, but can also get a URL that will take them into the xbap viewer with the same view/perspective loaded.  XBAPs can get querystring info…

Things I’d like to see improved:

  • I’d like to be able to use a keyboard, mouse (or maybe an xbox controller) to walk through the kitchen.  Right now, it appears that navigation is limited to clicking on the buttons in the camera controls.  (We need to come up with some user guidelines for 3d navigation like this…)
    • The right and left zoom buttons appear to be backwards to me.  Tilt also does…
  • Item selection: I’d love to see a better list view of the items that I can swap into the view.  Right now you need to next/previous through the list (and it isn’t keyboard enabled).  Sometimes I choose an item to replace in the scene and I get a messagebox that "Item Selected is not same"…I shouldn’t have been given that choice…

Minor Nits:

Please take a look…learn from the good work here and give feedback where you’d like to see improvement.


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  1. Tanveer permalink

    It is simply the most amazing application I have seen. In some ways its beauty transcends even that of Visual Studio, Office and Windows Vista. I would say it is something I always wanted.

  2. casey permalink

    Rob, Thanks for the post and your feedback. The initial downloader follows this pattern : Also, the \’email a photo\’ does send a query string link to reload the room with the same view … we tried to actually upload an image to a web service, but could not get access to the image bits because of partial trust security :

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