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WPF/Xaml Web News – 2007/07/10

July 10, 2007
  • Charles Petzold wants to know your blog url and postal address (to send you a book?) if you are a WPF blogger.
  • Adam Calderon, an MVP who works for Interknowlogy (they built (or helped build?) the Scripps Research application), posts slides/demos for 2 WPF Talks: 1) DataBinding; 2) Styles.  I met Adam at TechEd 2006 and spent several fun hours with him this year at TechEd 2007 talking with developers about WPF in the WPF booth.
  • I found a book review by a WPF developer about "Pro WPF" by Matthew McDonald.  He has a number of very good things to say about the book.
  • Sortable ListView in WPF.  Josh builds SortableListView as a subclass of ListView.
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