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I grew up in Michigan…no, I grew up in Detroit

July 12, 2007

I grew up from age 2-18 in Southfield Michigan, a suburb just to the North of Detroit.  When people ask where I come from, I usually say Michigan – which is strange…most people that grew up right outside a large city, like Chicago, New York, etc…, don’t usually say they came from Illinois or New York State.

Detroit has been through a lot in the last 100 years.  My father was born there in `36.  My grandfather migrated there from Canada to work in the Auto industry as an engineer. 

I’m writing these short thoughts down because I just read a very interesting article: Detroit arcadia: Exploring the post-American landscape from the July 2007 Harper’s Magazine, by Rebecca Strait.  My friend recently sent me a PDF version of it — you can’t read it online, unless you subscribe to Harper’s.

The article discusses the surge of activity that grew the city to 2 million people ~1950, the decentralization of the auto industry, white flight from the city, etc…

I’ll write more about this topic sometime in the future…


[Update]: my friend Mike pointed me towards an older series of articles that the Detroit News did on related topics.


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