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Is the 2.0 patch based on 2.0 that shipped in Vista? Yes.

July 13, 2007

3rd post in a series about a patch that MS released this week that slows down computers (with lots of disk activity) for a while.  Read all related posts here: Ngen Patch.

These Comments came from a comments section on The Register.

We experienced a break with our product at work

Posted Thursday 12th July 2007 17:29 GMT

I work for an ISV, and the update broke our product. We’re still scrambling to make sure that all our customers are okay. We investigated the reason for the break, and we’re 99% sure that the change that broke our product had no security impact whatsoever. It is, however, a change that has been made to later revisions of .NET. It looks like, rather than releasing a patch just for the security issue they were trying to fix, Microsoft actually pushed their latest code version, with lots of changes that were previously Vista-only (or part of the later versions of .NET?)

Feels to us like Microsoft are taking short-cuts with security, and ignoring the customer impact. A few hours saved at Microsoft, man-years of productivity lost globally. That’s the real Microsoft tax!


ISV guy:

Posted Thursday 12th July 2007 17:56 GMT

Yes, you’re correct: most MS fixes involve fresh builds of their top-of-tree code for the affected component, not a small patch applied to a release branch.

I’m not really sure what else they could do; they’d be maintaining thousands of release branches by now if they didn’t do that, and every patch would then have to come in a thousand different versions (or a million if it included fixes to *two* dlls instead of just one, a billion for three dlls, etc….!)

I’ll work internally to understand if there were any changes in the .Net 2.0 patch that were only on the .Net 2.0 version on Vista.  My guess is that is the case.  My guess is that the ISV would already have seen this issue by testing on Vista, but I’m not sure.

[Update: it sounds like this patch will bring a few .Net 2.0 changes that shipped with Vista to XP as well.(the culture name issue in the list below)]

Please comment here if you have more details on any "fixes" here that broke anything.

I’ll keep a list of issues that I see here:


From → Ngen Patch

  1. PhilipRieck permalink

    This issue seems to back-port the serialization issues I blogged about (and included a small repro solution) here:

    to XP.  So now the code can fail consistently, at least!

  2. Rob permalink

    Yes, consistent is good…if that is all we have…

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