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Update to .Net Framework – appears to make your system very busy for a while…

July 13, 2007

Rob Eisenberg blogged on the 11th that the updates appeared to break WPF (make it very slow).  Engaging with him, our team figured out it wasn’t the Office patches that he thought it was, but it was an issue with the re-NGENing of assemblies after 1 or more patches to the .Net Framework.

This morning, I saw an email from a colleage that the issue had been slashdotted and mentioned on The Register.  It appears that this is impacting many systems…where they are busy doing a bunch of work, by a service that is just trying to get assemblies NGENed appropriately.

I figured blogging about what we know, early, will help people deal with with it…information will minimize the impact.

MS07-040 – addresses a vulnerability in the .NET Framework was one of the 7/10/07 updates.

Some Quick background.

  • .Net 1.0, 1.1. and 2.0 were patched.
  • .Net 3.0 systems require .Net 2.0

If you have .Net 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 on a system, I believe all the patches will be installed.

We’re sorry for any impact, and want to work with people to minimize it.  Personally, it didn’t adversely affect any of my work machines or my machines at home.  Perhaps because updates were done before I was trying to use the machine.

More soon under the category "Ngen Patch"…


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  1. Tor permalink

    Hi Rob,
    This isn\’t related to the .Net Framework update, but to another update that was a part of the same patch last week. Basically, after performing the update yesterday (yes, I waited for a few days in the hope that I wouldn\’t get caught with any problems. Oh well, that didn\’t work!), I was not able to connect to web services that were running in IIS7 on my Vista computer. After researching for many hours today, I found that the problem was related to MS07-038 (KB935807) and a fixed security hole in the IpV6 Teredo transport.
    I didn\’t find any other references to the same problem on the web, so I took the time write a short article on my blog. You can find the article here:
    I hope this helps other developers that maybe are running into the same problem!

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the post.  I\’m sure there will be others that will be thankful that you wrote this up.

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