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Application.Restart() for WPF

July 24, 2007

Got a question from somebody today about what the corresponding API in WPF for Window Forms’s Application.Restart(). 

If my application detects a new version on the server, after successfully updating the application with System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment.Update(), I get the functionality of Restart() for a WPF application by calling:

  1. System.Windows.Forms.Application.Restart(); //from System.Windows.Forms.dll
  2. Application.Current.Shutdown();

Why would one consider this…

When you use clickonce for publishing, you can:

  1. have clickonce check for a new version, before launching the current installed app.
  2. have clickonce check for a new version, after launching the current installed app.
  3. don’t have clickonce check at all, but use System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationDeployment APIs to check whenever you want.

If you use #2 or #3, you may want to restart (or offer to restart an app) if a new update was found…

I lean towards #2 or #3 since I don’t want to delay launching my application every time I launch the app…

(I’m not a total expert in this area…as always, please feel free to correct or add other info to help out readers…)


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  1. Brian permalink

    I wish ClickOnce provided a combination of #1 and #2–with a few small changes.  When my users arrive in the morning I always want them running the most recent version of their app.  Say a version was released the previous evening.  The users should get that version as they start the software–not after beginning their day\’s work.  I really don\’t want to give them a choice of updating or not.  If there is a new release then they need it.  (Keep in mind these users are in our LAN).
    Once the user is working the software should periodically check for updates.  This will allow me to release updates during the day and know that everyone is update to date with a predetermined amount of time.  I\’m a little more flexible about this update being optional.  Ideally I could specify whether the update was optional at publish time and clickonce would prompt accordingly.

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