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Jaime Rodriguez: 2 WPF Tools Screencasts

August 21, 2007

Jaime Rodriguez has 3 new posts with some nice demos of VS 2008 Beta2 & Blend.

  • What’s new in Beta2 … (  lotsa new features ) – post on C9 [wmv]
  • How to build a WPF app using Cider AND Blend …  ( sweet spots for each tool,  brief demo of the workflow) on C9 [wmv]
  • Cider extensibility and features for control hosting, design-time, etc.. (screencast available if you were a TechEd attendee)

    I love to see every new feature that helps WPF developers!  Tell us what else is most critical to do…lots of work to still do.

    [links to the c9 screencasts originally via VincentHome]

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    1. jturpin permalink

      My list of feature requests for Blend is huge, as far as the framework itself goes…
      1) Hardware accelerated Bitmap Effects. Plain and simple. Its a must!
       – adding Inner Glow as a new Bitmap Effect would give you lots of brownie points.   
      thats it!

    2. Rob permalink

      Please make sure you get the blend team your list, or post it and I can send them a pointer.
      Thanks for making your platform request simple – just 1 thing.  We have heard this one before!
      Thanks, Rob 

    3. Stephen permalink

      I\’ve been trying to use blend but have to keep switching back to VS as not having the intellisense is painful. XAML without Intellisense is like using notepad. Except its in colour. I think i\’d use Blend way more with Intellisense.

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