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August 27, 2007

Great to see some strong uses of Silverlight 1.0 start hitting the web.  Tafiti does a better job of using all the screen realestate that my 1600×1200 screen gives it than the election site.

image [a campaign information portal]


image [a live search front end]


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  1. Kevin permalink

    My big concern with these "rich" internet sites is that they don\’t support font scaling. I need me some ctrl-+. 🙂

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the comment.  Will pass that along to the Silverlight folks…
    I agree that you\’d like to have things like that all work…
    Thanks, Rob

  3. Unknown permalink

    I second Kevin\’s complaint.  Obviously both sites took a lot of work and have a lot of cool eye candy, but getting the basics right should be a priority.  Since Silverlight and WPF are vector based I\’d really hope scalable fonts and non-fixed layouts become the community standard.  My favorite example of a fully scalable site is And it\’s based on that old low-tech thing called HTML :).

  4. Unknown permalink

    Yet another complaint :).  When is going to support editing of existing blog posts?  That\’s a pretty common feature (for example see the Silverlight forums:  I forgot to add my name to the previous post, but my only "editing" option is to create a second post.Thanks, Alan Cobb

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