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Tim Heuer: SVG or PDF -> Xaml vectors for Silverlight or WPF

August 31, 2007

Tim Heuer just posted an interesting screencast called "convert svg and vector to xaml with expression design for silverlight".  I was interested to see his techniques for SVG to Xaml.  Interestingly, he takes the SVG with a tool named InkScape to open SVG and save as PDF.  He then renames the PDF to .ai (illustrator).  File/Import with Expression Design now works.  File/Export from there allows you to save as Silverlight Xaml or WPF Xaml.

He shows a few nice demos…a picture of Cartman from South Park and a diagram of seating sections at a baseball park. Worth a watch…you’ll pick up more than my quick recap gives you.

Update: just ran into Andrej Benedik’s update from a week ago: "Added Paste2Xaml application and Ab2d.ReaderWmf class library" which supports a number of interesting scenarios via SVG files, clipboard metafiles, etc…:

Ab2d Overview diagram


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