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InkCanvas and multi-stroke gestures

September 5, 2007

More internal email, read bottom to top…spilling the secrets of Microsoft faster that mini-msft…:-)

From: Helpful Answerer

InkCanvas only supports single-stroke gestures.  If you want to support multi-stroke gestures, you’ll have to queue up the 2 most recent strokes (with an appropriate timer) and send them to the GestureRecognizer yourself.

Why isn’t this documented better?  Why doesn’t InkCanvas.SetEnabledGestures() throw when passed a multi-stroke gesture?  Hmm…. both good questions.


From: Inquisitive Inquirer
Subject: InkCanvas and multi-stroke gestures

I’m trying to implement an InkCanvas recognizing gestures with more than one stroke (double tap, arrows, etc), but I’m only receiving recognized gestures with single strokes.

Is there something I’ve to take into account or a different setting?


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