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Silverlight 1.0 is released, several major customers deployed, Silverlight for Linux Support announced

September 5, 2007

Scott Guthrie announces Silverlight 1.0 for Mac/Windows is released and Silverlight for Linux is announced.  Go read this announcement!  Also of interest is Novell’s discussion of the announcement (via Miguel).

Congrats to our sister team, Silverlight, who have built a great cross platform, cross browser plug-in that enables designers and developers to build rich media experiences and .NET based RIAs for the web!

As a member of the WPF team, I’m excited to see the excitement in the web community for Silverlight/Xaml.  It is a good thing for developers, designers and users.  It is also a good thing for WPF developers and designers…there will be more people (short term with 1.0) with Xaml skills and (long term with 1.1) with .Net and Xaml skills.

Getting Started helps you with:

  • a getting started video
  • links to download the runtime and tools
  • pointers to samples and documentation

 [Update:] Paramount/CBS/Entertainment Tonight is now live with their Silverlight-based Emmy Awards microsite. Check it out here –


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