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Improved commuting to Redmond via “Microsoft Connector”

September 9, 2007

Microsoft recently announced that they are going to be running a free bus service to the Redmond campus from 5 locations around Seattle/Eastside.  I’m interested to see how this develops.  Buzzworthy from the Seattle PI links to a map and a few articles/posts.

I have gone through periods where I bike 1-2 days a week, or bus 1-2 days a week.  Currently, I’ve fallen out of both habits.  Anything to tip the scales back in favor away from me driving as a Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) would be very welcome!

I’ve long thought that Sammamish residents would benefit from a ferry that went across Lake Sammamish and shuttled folks to campus…wifi and coffee would naturally be part of that picture.


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