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Windows Live Writer – Beta3 Now Available

September 9, 2007

I repeat…if you are blogging, or whenever you start, make sure you give Live Writer a try! 

We have another new version now: Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Now Availableimage I’m just starting to give it a spin.  I plan on updating this post with my impressions as I did with my feedback on Beta2 of Live Writer.

I’m happy they have a unified installer for this and other Windows Live software


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  1. g_barnettuk permalink

    I\’m using Live Writer Beta 2 over at, I would be using Beta 3 but unlike Beta 2 x64 proc\’s aren\’t supported which is a bit annoying!  Great tool, I sure hope that they support x64 come RTM.
    The Live app installer is pretty cool, maybe because it\’s a little different from normal installers – but the sensible me thinks that it\’s a bad thing, app interfaces are meant to be common so having a different installer surely goes against the standards in the installers?  I know that Vista published some new installer guidelines from the old one – can\’t remember the exact details but I think a few screens were cut.

  2. Szymon permalink

    Hi, I\’ve also tried to install Beta 3 and failed because of the 64-bit OS (Windows Vista Ultimate). All earlier versions worked just fine so I would blame the new installer for this. I\’m totally supprised by this and it\’s really lame that so many interesting MS products fail to support 64-bit procs (take the Windows Home Server Console for instance). I hope thare would be a quick update to fix this.

  3. Unknown permalink

    From what I read about it beta 3 looks cool.  I just can\’t install it on my Vista 64, so it\’s kind of disappointing.   

  4. Hunter permalink

    I have to agree, no x64 bit support is a real issue. This is such a good product and I am surprised to see that you are supporting the latest processors on your latest operating system.

  5. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the comments on x64.  I too was surprised by this oversight… The team pointed me towards the release notes which include:
    64-bit is not supported for Beta 2Beta 2 does not support a 64-bit installation; however the final version of Windows Live will support 64-bit (with the exception of Family Safety). You have the choice of either continuing to run the Beta 1 versions of Windows Live or you can uninstall all Windows Live applications and reinstall the released versions. For more information see KB Article 938275.
    Keep being vocal on issues like this!
    Thanks, Rob

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