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WPF/Xaml Web News – 2007-09-11

September 11, 2007
  1. aquaseal permalink

    The WPF tutorials link from livejournal is missing an \’r\’ in \’journal\’. Great blog by the way, been following for sometime now.

  2. Rob permalink

     (no name)-
    Thanks…corrected the link.  Glad you like the blog!

  3. Robert permalink

    Speaking of WPF news, Windows Marketplace doesn\’t support .application type installations. Perhaps someone on the .NET team should talk to them about it as it limits marketing of .application and also .xbap. 
    Here is what their support person said:
    "In response to this, please be informed that Digital locker accept only files containing ".exe" extension for downloads. And I am sorry but the URL you have provided cannot be processed by Digital Locker and suggest, to try contacting any of our seller if it is possible for them to post your product over Windows Marketplace as we are not the one who accepts product postings.

    To know more about our partner, kindly visit:"
    I\’m waiting to hear from CNet, and I have not contact the other "sellers" yet. I think there needs to be some evangalizing to get .application and .xbap brought into the same fold as .exe.

  4. Rob permalink

    Thanks Robert.  We\’re engaging in email with the Windows Marketplace team…  We plan a call to discuss soon.
    Not everybody in the industry knows about ClickOnce yet, and that includes within Microsoft.
    Thanks, Rob

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