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More medical visualization/interaction from Interknowlogy

September 19, 2007

Looking forward to seeing this:  Looks like this may take some of the expertise from doing the Scripps Institute Cancer Research app forward.  Exciting!


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  1. Tim permalink

    wow, rob, nothing gets by you guys…. 🙂  i haven\’t even had a chance to udpate you guys (or anyone for that matter) on this one yet.  When Kevin Kennedy showed me a demo of this the other day i almost fainted.  if you thought the "cancer app" was cool you are going to die when you see the heart surgery app.   ultimately, this is also going to help facilitate saving lives and it\’s going to save a fortune in time required for a heart surgery, but from a pure technical perspective you will get a huge appreciation of just how awesome WPF is when you see this app.  i am currently navigating the waters of getting all the blessings on building a demo version of this app that we can make available publicly off our web site. just like we did for the "cancer app" and the "3d Autocad Annotator app". -tim

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