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Josh Smith: catching up to his blog

November 10, 2007

Catching up with Josh’s blog, here are some of the highlights I see…


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  1. Laurent permalink

    Hi Rob,About "The Danger of Assigning Event Handlers in XAML": Josh says that he doesn\’t think that this behavior should be changed, and I fully agree with him. I can imagine scenarios where we actually want this to happen this way. Testing the elements to see if they\’re null is good practice anyway. The developer needs to be aware that anything executed before InitializeComponent is fully completed needs to be handled with care. I don\’t see it as an issue, just something to be aware of.Greetings,Laurent

  2. Josh permalink

    Hey Rob,
    I agree with Laurent, this is not a "bug" which needs to be fixed.  It is just a fertile breeding ground for NullReferenceExceptions, so I thought I should shine my bloglight on the issue.  The fact that it happens it totally understandable and reasonable behavior.
    Josh Smith

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