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Update on Rob…work, home, soccer

November 10, 2007

Next WPF release…Catching up on blogs

So today, I wake up early on Saturday morning…(yes, I do wake up early, even sometimes on the weekend)…and I go into my home office and start catching up on blogs.  I miss what is happening in the world…

My blog reading and writing has slowed down of late.  Just part of the normal ebb and flow.  That and I’ve been very busy working on our next release after 3.5…rolling my sleeves up and diving in.  Lots of exciting things coming.  So many great things to choose from…so fun to make progress.  I love this job.  (Come join us.)

Architect role
I recently got a title change to Software Architect.  I’ve always been a Program Manager…now you can think of me as a PM Architect.  Great to have the recognition.  My primary focus remains WPF/Xaml.  I spend most of my time on the Xaml Language…

Funny thing is now that I’m an architect, I get the first direct report I’ve had in at least 6 years.  I’ve taken the individual contributor route in MS, growing my influence by being somebody who has influence despite the lack of direct reports, as opposed to trying to grow my influence by growing the size of my team.  I’m still not trying to grow my team very large, but it just made sense for me to manage him.  Right now, I think it is working very well…he is doing well.

New Home Office
My wife and I shuffled the rooms of our house around…we used to share an office, now we both have an entire room…a lot less crowded…decorated much more pleasantly.  My home office is now a better place for me to work than my office at work.

We have some guests from out of town staying with us for a few days…my son showed off his Blend project to them…a few fun animations.  Impressive work for a kid his age!  He asked me recently – you know that program where you can draw shapes and make them move, can I try that.  So I showed him how to draw an ellipse, change the color, resize, rotate, and a bit about the timeline…and then he ran with it.  My brother is concerned he might turn into a designer :-).  Given my designer skills, I doubt it…but we’ll see.

My son’s soccer league finished last weekend.  It was fun to watch some great progress during the season.  The last game he got our teams only 2 goals…he’s made great progress this season…hustles a ton out there…getting more natural with the ball.  He starts an indoor league (for the first time) in a few weeks.  Watching him makes me want to start playing again myself…I haven’t played in a league in ~5 years.


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