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WPF Bootcamp is online

November 10, 2007

Earlier this year we did a few day event for a number of partners (and potential partners) about WPF…anyway, I just ran across Ralf Rottmann’s pointer to it and realized that I had never pointed it out to anybody.  Cleverly, Karsten/Tim/etc… had it recorded for your viewing pleasure as well…

Go check out the WPF bootcamp…2-3 days worth of sessions.

Just catching up on Tim’s blog…found his pointer to this session: Attend the WPF Virtual Bootcamp – no need to register! (comments on Tim’s post show that some people are having a hard time watching them online…Joshua Allen repiles: John; yeah it seems to get a bit out of sync.  The downloadable version should be fine; appears to be something in the way they were encoded interacting with the web-based player.)


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One Comment
  1. Zoe permalink

    The sound seems corrupted and almost non existent on both the online AND the downloadable versions. Great pictures, no sound!??

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