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VS Debugger Visualizer for WPF: Woodstock

November 20, 2007

If you’ve liked Pete Blois’ Snoop to help debug/understand what is happening in a WPF application, Josh Smith has recreated a subset of its functionality and integrated it into VS as a Debugger Visualizer.  Read all the details on his codeproject posting for "Woodstock for WPF" and Josh’s Woodstock announcement to the WPF Forum.  Great to see!


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  1. Karl Shifflett permalink

    Josh, Andrew and I just released Mole II, a super high octane WPF Visualizer.
    The article is posted here: Mole II Article – Code
    Mole\’s Home Page is here: Mole\’s Home Page
    Let us know what you think.
    Have a great day,
    Karl Shifflett

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