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Global Impact: GPD: Gallons per Day

November 27, 2007

I’m interested in lessening my impact on the health of the planet.  One of the ways I’m doing that is I’m tracking how many gallons of gas my wife and I use each day.

The major variables are how much we drive, how we drive, and what we drive.

How much we drive

I’m being pretty good about taking a bus to work 3-5 days a week.  When the bus isn’t late (15 minutes late yesterday during the heavy downpour in the afternoon), I find it is a good use of time as well, as I’m usually working on my tablet.

How we drive

My wife’s new hybrid has indicators to show what the current gas mileage you are getting is and also a historical view over time (per minute) as well as an average mileage.  With the right information, I can balance how fast I need to accelerate with how it is affecting my mileage.

What we drive

1 Hybrid, 1 SUV


Last tank, my car did:

  • 219.4 Miles
  • 15.908 Gallons
  • 13.8 MPG
  • 13 Days
  • 1.22 Gallons/Day
  • 16.87 Miles/Day
  • $3.94/Day

Last tank, my wife’s hybrid did:

  • 389.2 Miles
  • 13.625 Gallons
  • 28.6 MPG
  • 9 Days
  • 1.51 Gallons/Day
  • 43.24 Miles/Day
  • $4.92/Day

I’ll keep track and hope to keep GPD low and get lower…

Tracking Gallons per Day

Write down Total Mileage and Trip Mileage on your gas receipt.

Enter it into this GPD-GallonsPerDay spreadsheet.

(Excel 2007 (.xlsx) format.  Download and install the Office Compatibility Pack to enable opening these new file types in previous Office versions.)


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One Comment
  1. Shawn permalink

    I recently discovered this — — which plugs into the OBDII port…  a shockingly ubiquitous, standard port that is available on virtually all US-market cars and trucks produced since about 1996.  (Typically the port is on the driver side, under the steering column somewhere.)
    It’s a pretty amazing little gadget.  I highly recommend it…  I feel like a chump that this data has been available to me, right under my nose… er, knees, all these years.

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