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I’m jealous…

November 27, 2007

of my wife’s new car.  She got a hybrid – it gets twice the mileage of her old car.

My favorite thing about it is the electronics that her car now has (and my car lacks): Bluetooth connection to cellphone, Navigation system, and Zune input (no control though).

I’m not planning on replacing my Ford Explorer until several years from now.  We like having a car that can carry a bunch of people (it carries up to 7) or things when needed…and I avoid driving it much by taking the bus.  Until then, I’m thinking of upgrading the radio in the car to give me some of the modern touches…


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  1. Mike permalink

    Hey Rob,
    If you want a dependable, high quality audio receiver for your car, I recommend going with a Pioneer unit.  I had upgraded the receiver in my old car (a \’95 Accord) to a Pioneer DEH-P9800BT, which has MP3/WMA support and integrated hands-free Bluetooth.  At the time, it was the only model that offered Bluetooth integration, but now you can get it in the less expensive DEH-P7900BT as well.  I had mine connected to the XM satellite radio tuner listed under \’Accessories\’, and the two worked together quite well.  Having now used both XM and Sirius, however, I\’d recommend going with Sirius (see the Pioneer SIR-PNR2).

  2. Laurent permalink

    Sounds like a Prius, is it? I am getting mine in February, we have huge delays here because you guys in the US bought too many of them :-)Laurent

  3. Rob permalink

    No, not a Prius…but the electronics are similar.  We went with the Camry Hybrid.  It was a bit bigger and did better in crash tests, we believe.
    Mileage isn\’t as good — 33/32 on the sticker under the 2008 rules compared to 40+ for Prius, I believe.
    Thanks for the pointer to the Pioneer unit…will take a look at those models.

  4. Unknown permalink



    الأخيرة »




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