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Zune: speaker docks, etc…

December 5, 2007

My brother just sent me a woot deal on the altec lansing Zune Speakers/Dock.  He meant well…but he just wasted 30 minutes of my morning!  Ok, maybe it was me…I wasted 30 minutes trying to decide if I should buy it again, before I realized that it wasn’t even worth it at $40…

I bought one @ $200 or so last year when I first got my Zune.  The disappointing thing about it is that the remote control is so inferior when compared with the zune remote.  You really couldn’t navigate the zune menu system with the remote.  I returned it.

What may be even more disappointing, is that the newer model from Altec Lansing may not have fixed that…given that the writeup says ‘select zune functions’.  Should have told them last year!

“Full-function remote. Speaker, FM radio, and select Zune functions are at your fingertips.”

What I do for Zune listening now

Home Office: usually broadcast it out my TV…see the menus on the screen…very nice (but see comment below in What I want).  Sometimes run Zune client, but then only get to listen out my laptop speakers.  I really need to get the wireless sync happy with my work laptop, so I don’t need to move my Zune doc back and forth from being attached to my laptop and my MediaCenterPC/TV.

Rest of House: have a 1st edition Zune dock plugged into my old Sony Stereo.  I can drive speakers in my home office, kitchen, master bedroom and master bath…but the Zune is in the kitchen which makes remote control very inconvenient.

Car: do without right now…have had radio transmitter with some success…looking for audio system that does Zune control in car like the Ford Sync system.

Work Office: have the first edition of the Zune dock hooked up to relatively cheap powered speakers.

Bus: use headphones (nothing fancy yet)

2nd generation Zune Dock looks nice…

What I want

I want good audio/video throughout my house, in my car, and at work.  I want to be able to drive in my car, hop on the bus, get to work, and listen to the same thing at all 3 places.  I’m really happy with my Zune 30G from a year ago, especially now that the new firmware and software for my PC is making things better…love the podcast support!

However, there are a bunch of issues that I’d love to see fixed.

So although I’m loving most Zuney things, several things can be improved:

1) Zune player + Zune device don’t understand my progress in a podcast.  I start on my PC, get 20 minutes in.  Decide to undock and go, go to the same piece and expect to pick up at the same place.  Is it me, it might be?

2) When you dock and are syncing, you can’t play from the Zune device…I don’t like having to switch back to my PC…I like my Zune remote.  Perhaps wireless sync will make this better, but I haven’t gotten my Zune to be able to talk with my work laptop yet…firewall issues???

2) I love driving the menu of the zune on my TV, however, I shouldn’t have to choose between seeing my Media Center UI (input 1) and my Zune UI (input 2).  Somebody from the Zune team wanna see my home office/etc…?

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