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2007 brought great work in WPF/Xaml Tools & WPF

January 12, 2008

Lots of progress in 2007 from Microsoft and the community in the tooling front

Debugger Visualizers

  • Mole for Visual Studio is a WPF runtime inspection tool in the same ballpark as Snoop, but integrated into VS as a Debugger Visualizer.

I need to go update my list @

while (!perfect)

Use your favorites.  Give feedback to their creators.  Iterate.  🙂

[please let me know if I completely forgot any tools…and sorry in advance]

The Platform?

Meanwhile, the WPF team shipped our first version in November 2006 (.Net 3.0), our first update in November 2007 (.Net 3.5) and we’re all busy working on our next release wave…more public news @ Mix.


I’m looking forward to the improvements that 2008 will bring to WPF developers!


[Updated the list:

  • upgraded the Blend link to their December Preview.
  • added Aurora



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  1. Tor permalink

    Hi Rob,
    Just for completeness, Microsoft Expression Blend 2 December Preview is also available at this time.

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks Tor.  Updated the link.  I knew about that build, but couldn\’t find a link to it on the Expression blog.  Digging in a bit, I now found it buried in another post.

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