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Syndicated Client Experience Starter Kit – for building a great reading experience and more…

January 17, 2008

WindowsClient.Net just announced the newly available Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit.

Introducing the new Syndicated Client Experiences (SCE) Starter Kit! Realize the power of Windows Presentation Foundation to create immersive, engaging multimedia content experiences with rich syndicated content, from documents and photos to videos and podcasts. You may have seen such experiences from New York Times, Seattle PI, and others – now you can easily create such experiences yourself with the SCE Starter Kit!

The SCE Starter Kit page includes pointers to the familiar New York Times Reader and a new MSDN Reader (for you developers out there…)

Times Reader by The New York Times

One of the top 25 products in PC World’s list of 100 Best Products of 2007, the Times Reader is  a unique reading experience that combines the easy-to-read format of print with the utility of digital.

MSDN Reader

The MSDN Reader allows you to browse through MSDN Magazine articles like never before. Read through articles, view figures and code snippets in an intuitive and easy-to-use experience. The complete source code for the reader is also provided for you here (coming soon).


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