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Kinect for Windows v1.6 Released – 2012/10/08

December 20, 2012

[Ok, I’m getting to this blog post a few months late. Been busy! Trying to do a few catch up posts today…]

We released v1.6 of the Runtime/SDK and v1.6.0 of the Developer Toolkit for Kinect for Windows in October. I did a bunch of work on v1.6, helping to drive many of the features and the release overall — so I’m very happy to see it ship.

Our team blog post. (Kinect for Windows releases SDK update and launches in China) goes into details about:

  1. Extended Sensor Access (accelerometer data, depth data beyond 4m, color camera settings, infrared data, toggling ir emitter, etc..)
  2. Improved Dev Tools (German speech language pack, skeletal tracking works on multiple sensors per process now, great new Basic Interactions sample)
  3. Support for Windows 8 wave (Windows 8 desktop app support, you can use VS2010 or VS2012, you can target managed apps at .NET 4.0 or 4.5)

Download Details. As always, this Kinect for Windows SDK download page is where you can download the latest versions of the SDK/Toolkit.

See you on the Forums. Please engage with our team, and the rest of the Kinect developer community, on the Kinect Forums –

Happy coding!

-Rob Relyea, @rrelyea
Program Manager, Kinect for Windows team


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