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Kinect Studio can’t connect to my app! (fix your elevation levels)

May 23, 2012

Kinect Developer:

I have a .NET 4.0 application which is loading a dll which is loading the Microsoft.Kinect.dll. Independent of the time when I start my application (before Kinect Studio or afterwards) it is not recognized. What gives?

Known issue!

From the doc page (Connecting to a Kinect-enabled Application [Kinect Studio])


You must run a Kinect for Windows application and Kinect Studio with the same permissions level. For example, if you launch an application with elevated permissions (such as administrator), you must launch Kinect Studio with the same elevated permissions to connect to the application.

Visual Studio has similar issues (causing you to relaunch and elevate VS if the app is elevated) when attempting to attach to a process.

Kinect Studio has the disadvantage that the list of Kinect using apps that we show to attach to an application is determined by looking for the loading of a DLL into their process.  If Kinect Studio wasn’t run in an elevated mode, it won’t have permissions to check that process for that loaded dll.

Hope that helps!


[Applies to v1.5.0 of Kinect Studio – the only version as of this date]


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