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Rob Relyea @ Build 2012 – Kinect for Windows sessions, booth, and more

December 20, 2012

Had a great time during //build/2012 on October 30th-November 2nd here on campus.

Kinect for Windows Team Talks

1) Jay Kapur talked about “Kinect UI Design Considerations“. We are investing in more work improving user interactions via Kinect. He foreshadows some of that work in this talk. Discusses some details of our button press and scrolling interaction models.

2) In my session (Kinect for Windows Programming Deep Dive), I did a demo which tried to walk through much of the API. Built a cool app that I called Magic Mirror (will post soon). Chris White, another Program Manager on our team, came up and announced/demoed Kinect Fusion (happens at about 47:30 in the video).


Other Talks

Andy Wilson, of Microsoft Research, also presented a great session called Super-Natural Interaction. The session detailed a bunch of UI research and experimentation that Andy and his colleagues have done over the past few years. Many interesting uses of Kinect in this session.

Team Engagement

Beyond that, Ben Lower organized a great booth where we had devs, testers and program managers from our team talking directly with devs. We demoed sample apps and even showed off Kinect Fusion – doing a few scans! We had another room where developers could bring their laptop, use our Kinect for Windows sensors and code away…with assistance where needed.



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