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FAQ: Where can I find Microsoft.Research.Kinect.dll?

May 30, 2012

Microsoft.Research.Kinect.dll was the DLL name for our early beta releases (beta 1, beta 1 refresh and beta 2) from 2011.

In our final version 1.0 release (Feb 1, 2012), we changed the DLL name to Microsoft.Kinect.dll and did a major refactoring of the API surface of the Kinect for Windows SDK.

This means that you are probably looking at an old article or source code. Our recommendation is that you should migrate your code/projects to our latest version. Details of how to migrate your Beta 2 code forward to v1.0 and later is here:

The VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE should be using the latest versions of Kinect for Windows SDK – See for the download location of the SDK.

[As of May 2012, Beta 2 is still downloadable…for those that absolutely need it…from]

Happy coding!


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