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Software should adapt to the size/aspect ratio that the user gives to the application

June 29, 2007

A couple of fun games built on Silverlight:

1) ZeroGravity:

2) Destroy All: (I like how you can play the game using images from Virtual Earth!)

Notice that they take very different approaches to sizing.  ZeroGravity takes all available space based on the size that the user gives the browser window.  DestroyAll has a fixed size…which looks really lame on my 1600×1200 monitor.

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  1. Bryan permalink

    Top link no worky, unless you meant to link to a domain squatter…

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks.  Fixedit.

  3. Richard permalink

    When Silverlight gets a layout manager (other than Canvas), I think you\’ll see people producing scalable apps.

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