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WPF book opinions from MVP Frank La Vigne

August 16, 2007 has links to most of the WPF books.  Frank La Vigne does a quick write up giving his opinion of many of them.  Good read.

Mike (I believe) Davey also posts a write up on Petzold’s new "3D Programming for Windows"


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  1. Arne Claassen permalink

    Is there a book that just talks about writing Xaml? I.e. programatically creating graphisc for WPF and silverlight for dynamic content? I\’ve been playing with Blend and then examining what it generates and looking at the MSDN docs, but a book just going over the constructs and how to use them would be great.Another WPF subject I\’ve found little to no coverage (unless there is no such subject) is using Xaml for printing markup. Can you go straight from Xaml to print or do you have to go through XPS? I\’ve been doing PDF generation and GDI printing and would love to use Xaml as my printing markup language instead. thanks

  2. Florian permalink

    Hi Rob,are you aware that Lutz Röder already wrote a BAML decompiler?Just out of curiosity, what is it why BAML needs to change in the future?

  3. Rob permalink

    Yes, I\’m aware of the baml decompiler that Lutz wrote.
    There are a bunch of things we hope to improve with the Xaml System…including optimizations that we can do in baml.
    I\’m not aware of a book that focuses exclusively on graphics xaml (shapes, etc…).
    XPS is all about printing.  System.Printing enables you to create XPS easily from WPF content.

  4. Unknown permalink

    HTML clipboard Home User – Profile – Archives – tags
    – blogs

     K O R A
    –  kaka


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