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Event handlers support in VS 2008 for WPF applications

August 20, 2007

In September 2006, I posted how to "Add Event Handlers in VS for WPF".  Thankfully, VS 2008 Beta2 now has support for events throughout the WPF design experience.  Andrej Tozon posts with pictures describing some of that new support.

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  1. Corrado Cavalli permalink

    I find Cider editing experience quite orrible, lack of event creation mode like Winforms or Blend forces you to use intellisense to discover what events are exposed by a control, there\’s no refactoring support and also propertygrid use is confusing (no ordering, no filtering, no extended support for complex properties (e.g. Brushes) makes Cider a well integrated version of XamlPad.
    Also i wonder why Cider automatically adds x:Name to dragged control, this means wasting memory for (maybe unused) fields.

  2. Rob permalink

    Thanks for your feedback.
    Events – yes there is no event drop down, but you can create events from xaml or via double click.  I agree I\’d like the event list too.
    Refactoring – can you describe what refactoring you\’d best like?
    Cider creates a name for each element so that developers can code to them.  I personally like this better than having to add Names explicitly…but I\’m sure they would like to know what you and other developers feel about it.
    I\’ll point the cider team towards your feedback.  Thanks for writing it.

  3. Mark permalink

    (I\’m a PM on the Cider team). Thanks for the feedback. We agree with your comments – these are all features we\’d like to have in the product but unfortunately have not had time to put in the Orcas release. We have added filtering to the property browser which helps and we are looking at ways to add editors for properties such as Background (Brush) soon after the Orcas release

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