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WPF Perf Team: List of Perf improvements in 3.0sp1/3.5

October 13, 2007

Jossef, the PM of the WPF Perf Team, spells out many of the perf improvements coming soon to a .Net Framework near you: Performance improvements in WPF in .Net 3.5 / 3.0 SP1  We continue to keep performance work a major focus across the CLR and WPF team — driven by the scenarios you are building.

Other related perf guidance from MSDN "Optimizing WPF Application Performance": redirects to MSDN article via


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  1. Paul permalink

    Hi Rob,
    Do you know if this performance-related bug will make the cut for 3.5?


  2. gorfdaed permalink

    Drew Marsh brings up a very good point in:
    New Zune Windows is client not WPF based
    What do you guys think of this?  It would be nice if you guys felt some of the pain internally with WPF so you could make it better for the rest of us.

  3. Rob permalink

    We have plenty of groups within Microsoft that do help us understand the good, the bad and the ugly of building great applications with WPF.
    I am also disappointed that the new Zune player isn\’t built on WPF – however, Charlie Owen and his team have a demanding user base out there (music lovers) and a huge competitor that they are chasing (IPod, ITunes, etc…)…and I don\’t want a MS Strategy tax to have to be imposed on them.  As a MS stockholder, I want them to do the best thing for their business.  As a WPF team member, I want to understand when any team (internal or external) doesn\’t choose WPF…we must learn how to make it easier and easier for people to choose WPF.  We have plenty of feedback from internal and external teams on lots of things that we can do that will continue to improve WPF for years to come.
    The Zune team/Media Player team have a UI Platform that they have invested in…it is built on .Net.  My impression is that it isn\’t as easy to use (not that WPF is always roses), it isn\’t tooled as well (Blend, VS2008, and beyond), but it does do some nice things.  We\’ll learn from customer feedback, including the Zune Player team, continually improve, and will become an easier and easier choice, even for teams who own their own UI platform already.

  4. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the question…I have asked the data team to look at that issue and it seems like you are already conversing with them.
    Thanks, Rob

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